Two kittens rescued after being dumped in London have been found a new home on Canvey – but their mother is still missing.

The three cats were brought to Canvey by a resident who was working near a building site on Friday afternoon.

The man, who asked not to be named, drove them back to Canvey in his van.

Unfortunately, upon opening the suitcase, the cats escaped and he only managed to find one initially. He contacted Cats Protection in Rayleigh who collected the first kitten before the second kitten was found on Sunday.

He was unable to find the mother though, who is presumed to be in the Cornelius Vermuyden School area. All three are black with a brown tinge to them and are very affectionate, according to new owner Lizzie Murray, 38, from Canvey, and her family who has fostered them. The kittens are about four months old and have been named Coco Chanel and Prada.

Lizzie said: “Coco settled really quickly with us and is very good with my two boys aged eight and 10.

“Prada took 24 hours to come out of her shell, but once she realised she was safe and we would feed her, she soon came around.”

Lizzie went on to discuss her previous experiences with fostering cats and explained why it’s a good way to find a pet.

She continued: “I have been fostering with Rayleigh Cats Protection for four years now. We signed up to foster after seeing an appeal on Facebook and I can honestly say it’s a decision I have not regretted.

“We have fostered many different cats in that time, including an epileptic cat and her tiny kittens taped in a box and left in Basildon’s Gloucester Park, who we spent one summer holiday hand rearing. Fostering is a family affair for us, and my boys are always excited to meet the new arrivals.

“We have always told our boys that the cats we foster aren’t ours, they are just with us for a holiday until they find their fur-ever home, and they have always been happy with that explanation.

“I believe that fostering has taught my children more about compassion and helping others, and although I am always a little sad when a cat leaves, it is really a happy occasion as the cat now has their own home to go to.”