A woman was taken to hospital after a car "exploded" inside the car park in Southend's B&Q.

The explosion was caused by the gases of an aerosol can being ignited from a lit cigarette inside the vehicle.

Fire services and police were called to the scene of the explosion in Fossetts Park which has completely blown the roof and doors off the Ford Focus.

The person is said to have since been liberated from the vehicle.

Albert Quixall tweeted: "Just missed witnessing car explosion near Southend. Very loud bang. Ford Focus doors, windscreen, roof blown out. B&Q staff rushing to help."


Credit: Albert Quixall 

Police and fire were at the B&Q car park inspecting the vehicle where the person was treated at the scene.

A statement from East of England Ambulance, said: "An ambulance and ambulance officer were sent.

"They treated one patient of unknown age and gender for minor injuries.

"The patient was taken to Southend University Hospital."

The Echo has contacted the emergency services and B&Q for comment.


Credit: Dan the Boy