The Craft Club have returned to decorate Southend with their latest yarnbombing, but this time with a twist.

The club has rapidly built a reputation for their various yarn decorations that have been spotted across south Essex.

This time, the club have been busy decorating the wall of the now empty BHS building in Southend.

After they were approached by Southend-based street artist, John Bulley, to create the pattern, the group decided upon a colourful rainbow to brighten up the area.

One colleague then suggested that they added a rain cloud to make it interactive, so that passers-by could take photos posing with umbrellas.

One member of the group, Rebecca Burton, 35 from Benfleet, was delighted with the result of the group’s latest efforts.

She said: “We’re very proud and we absolutely love it.

“We had lot of people stopping by on Sunday afternoon when we finished, taking selfies in front of it and posing alongside it in the rain, which was great to see.

“John approached us and asked if we wanted to do a street-yarn which we were obviously keen to do.

“This one’s a bit different as it’s up the wall and stapled on as opposed to the 3D ones we usually do, some of which were sadly stolen.”

Rebecca went on to stress how much work went into their latest creation and confirmed that more were being planned for the future.

She said: “It took us about eight hours each so it took a while, but it was definitely worth it – people seem to love it, which makes all the work worthwhile.

“There will be more street-yarns on the way so look out for those.

“We’re thinking of doing something for Halloween, maybe something for the children to enjoy, like a pumpkin.

“We also hope to do a few more in the coming weeks as well.”

Rebecca went on to discuss how the club was continuing to progress and what she hopes the future holds.

She added: “The club is going really well and we’re booked out at every session which is amazing.

“We are delighted that there is such a high demand. We’re usually sold out within 20 minutes for craftwork.

“We’re looking into permanent venues but we need to make sure we can afford somewhere first.

“We want to set up a sort of craft bar/coffee shop where you can come in and have a coffee or a cocktail, read a magazine, have a chat or get on with some crafting.

“We are holding a craft party this weekend for a bit of a social for people to enjoy. We’ll be having a few drinks so it should be a fun night.”

Last month, the Craft Club planted various summer-themed yarns around the Leigh area but memberswere left distraught after they were stolen.