Residents have described their shock after a woman was raped in the early hours in public toilets.

The incident happened between 3.30am and 4.30am in the public toilets behind the Monte Carlo arcade on the seafront.

The incident has left people in Southend shocked.


Councillors showed their concern for the incident and the victim.

Councillor Ann Holland, who is responsible for policing in Southend, said: "It's a very worrying and really traumatic crime, not only for the victim but for her family too.

"We are working together with the police to make Southend a safer place.

"My sympathies are with the victim and their family."

Councillor Mark Flewitt also expressed his dismay at the incident.

He said: "Its's always horrifying to hear of any attacks on people let alone a sexual attack like this one.

"It's a highly personal attack and we would expect the law officers to deal with sensitively.

"We need the victim to be as brave as possible, as what they can do now is make Southend a safer place by co-operating with the police so they can catch whoever did this."

Claire Cook, 34, carer, Southend, said: "I can't believe there was a rape here.

"They have got to sort out these clubs.

"There are always fights and drunkenness and people being loud. A rape is so bad though."


Officers cordoned off an area between Hartington Road and Pleasant Road in the early hours of the morning after this incident is alleged to have happened.

By the early afternoon, only the toilet block in the nearby Lucy Road had been cordoned off.

During morning and early afternoon on Thursday October 5, a single police car was sitting outside the small block of loos while forensic examinations were being carried out.

Essex Police were also looking through CCTV from nearby outlets.

Lucy Road is a clubbing hotspot in Southend and has reputation for being a place where violent crimes happen.


A police spokesman said: "Police received reports that a woman was raped in Lucy Road, Southend, this morning.

"The victim reported that she was raped by a man in the vicinity of public toilets between 3.30am and 4.30am.

"She has been safeguarded and is being supported by specialist officers."

Anyone with information is to contact the Sexual Offences Investigation Team on 101.

Or, alternatively, they can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or emailing"