A BID for Canvey to become independent from Castle Point once and for all is just “political nonsense” and will never go ahead, Conservative councillors have claimed.

Residents and Canvey Independent councillors have expressed their frustration at decisions about Canvey being made by Castle Point Council – and councillors who live off the island.

But both Canvey town councillors and Conservatives at Castle Point Council have slammed the idea as having no hope, calling on councillors to focus on working together.

Jay Blissett, one of just two conservative councillors in Canvey Town Council, said: “I would not have thought this would work.

“We joined with Benfleet to make Castle Point and to make the area more successful. Working alone, we would not have the money to make it a successes. When we work together we achieve a lot of good things.

“When things are hard we want to work together not divide further.”

The issue has been reignited on the back of the ongoing controversy around fears The Paddocks, in Long Road, Canvey, will be knocked down and replaced with a new community hall.

Castle Point councillors said it would cost £1.6million to refurbish the dilapidated building - but many feel that price is inflated so the council can build homes as part of a new deal.

It lead to Dave Blackwell, a Canvey Island Independent Party councillor, saying that it wasn’t fair there were more councillors sitting on Castle Point Council from the mainland than from Canvey. He called on residents to petition for Canvey to break away.

Longstanding councillor Ray Howard admitted although he could see the positives to independence, it would be far more beneficial to see a united council.

He said: “I am mindful of the fact that I am the only member who served on Canvey Island’s urban district council in the 60s.

“We had powers then, we were responsible for highways, for public health and for the planning authority. We had a lot of success.

“But I did think, over the last few years that we had developed a unity in Castle Point, and it is sad to see this happening. I live in the real world, and quite frankly I don’t see any chance of Canvey getting independence.

“Canvey is a very tight and community-minded place. We have so many volunteers who really care about the community and do fantastic work, so I can see where these calls are coming from. But we are in the position we are in as part of Castle Point, and we must be focussed on working together for improvements.”

Castle Point leader Colin Riley labelling the bid “ridiculous”.

He said: “This is the wrong kind of publicity for Castle Point and goes against what we are trying to achieve.

“It frustrates me that councillor Blackwell is part of the process and can raise it through the proper measures, it is a discussion that should be had in house.

“We know there are problems with infrastructure and access to the island, but we are working on this and we should be working with our own colleagues. We don’t need a borough split in half.

“Independence doesn’t work, and it definitely won’t work for the 37,000 people on Canvey Island.

“It is political nonsense.”