Hundreds of people flocked to the Southend Yoga and Vegan Food Festival - the first of its kind in the borough.

The unique festival, which took place at the Civic Centre in Victoria Road, Southend on Sunday, featured a wide range of activities and stalls for festival goers to enjoy.

The event featured all-day-long yoga classes, meditation sessions, talks, workshops and more than 50 stalls selling vegan food, skincare, accessories, yoga mats and many other products.

Organiser Kriti Sachdeva said: “Yoga has been a major part of my life and then a few years ago I turned vegan.

“When we talk about enlightenment in yoga and non-violence and compassion, should it really only apply to humans?

“We launched an organisation called Effect so anybody who is vegan and enjoys yoga can join and we talk about how to make people realise the connection between the two.

“We are now trying to organise many events where we can bring the two communities together and to see so many people come out and support us and our event is just fantastic.”

It was organised by Yogific, a group for those people who love yoga and a vegan lifestyle, and they are taking their festival across various venues in the south of the country.

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