A record shop owner in Leigh said that without the resurgence of vinyl, his store would not be celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Fives record shop in Broadway celebrated 40 years since it opened its doors, with its most loyal customers and a new young generation of music fans who have helped to bring vinyl back to the market.

The shop also hosted legendary David Bowie collaborator and pianist of the band, Yes, Rick Wakeman, ahead of his performance at the Palace Theatre in London Road, Southend.

Speaking about the celebrations, Peter Driscoll, owner of Fives, said: “It went quite well, we had lots of special guests, DJs and live music all weekend.

“Everything has been taken down but the 40th anniversary balloons are still up.

“They are a little bit special for us.”

The shop has moved three times in the 40 years it has been open.

Fives started life at 55 Elm Road, where after trouble thinking up the name, the street number of the shop became the inspiration.

Just 18 months later the shop moved to a former chemist in Broadway where it was based for 25 years. Then in 2004, the shop moved to its current home.

After three recessions, Mr Driscoll was worried that he would not be able to keep Fives open.

But after the return of vinyl over the past five years, the shop has experienced a huge rise in a market separate from the normal supermarket chains.

He said: “It has been very hard over the years, we had three recessions and we have got through them, although the music industry has changed in that time.

“Years ago, I thought about packing up and retiring but then vinyl came back and supermarkets were not involved.

“They were not able to keep the items in the highest quality condition we could.

“Vinyl has saved independent record shops around the country, and now there are more then ever before.”

Rick Wakeman’s visit to celebrate Fives’ anniversary coincided with the release of his new album, Piano Portraits.

At his appearance, he spoke fondly of his memories of Southend and his love for the seaside town that he has performed in dozens of times.

Rick said: “I have played in Southend upwards of 30 times, they are all special shows. I have done Basildon, the Cliffs (Pavilion), it is always nice to come here and I have come a few times watch dear Southend United play too. I used to come down here and get freezing cold. Southend was always a ground that teams never used to like playing at. But I do have a bit of a soft spot for the place.”

Fives has a strong history of celebrating their big milestones with special guests.

At the store’s 30th anniversary, pop rock giants McFly appeared ahead of a show in Southend.

Mr Driscoll said: “Our shop was just filled with screaming teenage girls, there were hundreds of them.”

After 40 years, Fives is still continuing to thrive in Leigh despite Mr Driscoll feeling that the town has changed greatly. The Echo will publish a lengthy interview with Rick Wakeman about his illustrious career next week.