A NATIVE Canvey celebrity returned to the island to officially reopen her long-standing family store.

Canvey Paradise Jewellery has been run by the Newman family in Furtherwick Road for 34 years.

Originally run by dad Stephen, son Paul, 46, is now at the helm, and took the decision at the start of the year to relocate to a larger, more luxurious site.

Conveniently, that site was just two doors down in Furtherwick Road, and Mr Newman has managed to keep the business open during the move, albeit in a slightly incapacitated state.

Saturday marked the official relaunch, with the new shop finally up to scratch.

Sister Angela, 39. returned to the island to reopen the site, although many people will recognise her as Angel Adoree, star of Channel 4’s, Escape to the Chateau and former Dragon’s Den investment winner, alongside her husband Dick Strawbridge from the show.

Mr Newman said: “It was great to have Angela pop back, we are a family business, always have been, so its nice she could be here.

“We didn’t actually tell anyone she was coming, which looks like it might have been a good idea.”

He added: “

“I’ve never actually seen the shop so busy, I had told people the work was all finished now, and we are well known on the island, so I expected a few extra people to turn up but you couldn’t move.

“Imagine if I had told people that Angel would be here? It would be chaos, but it was a really humbling experience.

“Business is hard sometimes, but the customer’s support like we had on Saturday makes it all worth it.”

Mr Newman took over the business three years ago when Stephen and his wife Jennifer retired.

A slight rebrand saw the name changed from Jewellery Paradise, but the commitment to the island remained.

Mr Newman added: “Canvey is a brilliant community, that has supported since the very beginning.

“We like to think we support Canvey, and in turn people support us.”