A VAN driver has told a court how he tried to save a woman’s life moments after she was hit by a car.

Jonathan Linney described realising a woman was on the front of a car’s bonnet after being struck at a pedestrian crossing in Nethermayne, Basildon, on March 22, last year.

The crash caused the deaths of pedestrians 30-year-old Carli Scott and 25-year-old Dean Evans.

Ashley Deadman, 28, of Bostoke Close, Basildon, is on trial charged with two counts of causing death by dangerous driving at Basildon Crown Court.

Mr Linney told the court he had pulled into the BP garage in Nethermayne to get some cash before heading home.

He described preparing to turn right onto Nethermayne to leave the garage and looking right first, then left.

He said: “When I looked left, I noticed the impact of the car that come down underneath the bridge. I saw the impact with a pedestrian.

“In my opinion, it must have been travelling at least 40 to 45mph. That vehicle slowed down for about 60m to a full stop and that’s when I saw the girl on the front of the bonnet.

“I positioned my van across the other side of the road in front of the scene to block anything coming to protect the people who had been hit.”

Mr Linney added: “I saw the driver for about 10 to 15 seconds. He opened the door, got out and ran towards the bridge and I thought he was running away.”

Deadman did not run away and was later arrested by police.

The court then heard how Mr Linney called 999 and attempted to save the life of Ms Scott by performing CPR.

She was declared dead at the scene. Dean Evans died at Basildon Hospital later that night.

The court also heard from PC Chris Wentworth who dealt with Deadman immediately after the crash. He described a comment Deadman gave voluntarily while still at the scene.

He said: “The comment he made was ‘I remember hitting one. I did not realise there was two.

“’I did not brake straight away. When I did stop, I ran back and realised there was one in the road in front of my car.’”

However, Deadman refused to sign his statement.

The trial continues.