A TEMPORARY accommodation centre for the homeless has opened in a quiet residential cul-de-sac.

Chaucer House, in Chestnut Grove, Southend, has been converted from a women’s refuge to general accommodation for the borough’s homeless.

However, some residents in the area have voiced concerns.

They are upset they were not consulted and claim the new facility is attracting antisocial behaviour, excessive rubbish and parking problems.

One resident, who has asked to remain anonymous, is frustrated that South Essex Homes, who runs the facility, did not inform residents.

The woman, who has lived in the street for seven years, said: “They haven’t told us anything.

“There was a fight on the first day of it opening. I went into full panic mode and contacted South Essex Homes who said they didn’t need to inform residents.

“We’re very concerned that we’ve not been kept in the loop and worried about what they could do in the future.

“We also have safety concerns because we don’t know who is moving in there.”

In response South Essex Homes, which is a branch of the council, has now organised a public meeting to address concerns raised.

Traci Dixon, group manager for Support Services at South Essex Homes, said: “We have arranged a meeting to discuss these issues.

“We will also use this opportunity to reassure the community that, while we feel there is no need for concern or alarm, any antisocial behaviour reported to us will be investigated and managed appropriately.

“Alongside these general concerns, issues around car parking and rubbish at Chaucer House have also been raised by residents which we are looking to resolve very soon.

“We would encourage local residents to attend this meeting - being held on Tuesday, November 28 at 7pm in the Civic Centre - to discuss any issues they may have.”