A PETITION calling for justice after a dad was shot to death at a traveller site has been launched.

Last month, a couple walked free from court after being cleared of any wrong-doing for their role in the death of Hugh Doherty.

Levi Draper, 27, always admitted firing the fatal shot that killed Mr Doherty but insisted it was an act of self-defence after Mr Doherty came to the home he shares with his partner Harriet Crittenden, 25.

Mr Doherty’s sister Esther also suffered serious knife injuries in the incident which took place on April 16 this year, at Willow Farm, in Cranfield Park Avenue, Wickford.

On November 20, a jury found the couple not guilty on all charges at Chelmsford Crown Court after deliberating for nine hours and 27 minutes.

And now a petition has gained more than 1,000 signatures in just a few days calling for justice in relation to Mr Doherty’s death.

Esther was surprised at the amount of public support the petition had gained.

He said: “The public has gone mad with support over this.

“If you look at the comments, you can see what people thought of Hughie and you can see the support he has.

“It is disgusting what has happened, I have been left with mental and physical pain.

“I will never get away from the memory of that day.

“We need justice for Hughie. He was a good man, a family man who would have done anything for his kids and family and justice has not been done in any way.”

The petition claims that somebody ought to be jailed for their role in Mr Doherty’s death.

The violence erupted over a long-running dispute which was caused by an argument between the two families’ children.

Esther, 36, had been at the Dick Turpin pub with her partner John Cooper, Mr Draper’s uncle, and claimed to have read a Facebook post from Ms Crittenden, which concerned her.

She told the court she went to their home to discuss it.

However, the defence said there was no evidence the Facebook post existed and told the court Esther and Hugh went to the home of Mr Draper and Ms Crittenden ready for a fight.

Violence broke out at the traveller site with the prosecution arguing that Mr Draper and Ms Crittenden were the aggressors.

Esther Doherty, a mother of seven, told the court that she was set upon by Ms Crittenden who attacked her with bladed weapons before Mr Draper continued the attack and dragged her outside.

She suffered horrific injuries in the incident which left her hospitalised.

This included long deep cuts to her right elbow, a deep cut to her right thumb, a cut to her stomach, and a deep cut to her left thumb.

Prosecutor Simon Denison argued these were consistent with Esther trying to defend herself.

However, the jury rejected this version of events.

The two separate defence teams for Mr Draper and Ms Crittenden insisted throughout the five-week trial that they acted in self-defence

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