The sister of a man who has been left in an induced coma after he slipped over a balcony abroad is hoping to raise £50,000 for his life-saving treatment.

Kurt Russell, 32, fractured his skull and neck and suffered a bleed on the brain after falling from a three-storey building in the small Caribbean island, Saint Martin.

The dad-of-two, from Corringham, was helping a friend move house on Wednesday when the freak accident happened and he somehow slipped over the balcony.

He attempted to grab onto the balcony’s handrail but the structure came tumbling down with him, resulting in the horrific injuries..

Following the fall, he was rushed to hospital where he received emergency treatment but, as Kurt did not have the relevant health insurance, his family were told that they would have to pay $70,000 US dollars to continue the treatment - which equates to just under £52,000.

Desperate to see their son survive, his parents wired over £30,000.

Kurt was then flown to the Cayman Islands on Saturday where he was placed into an induced coma.

The family managed to fly out to see Kurt in the early hours of the same morning.

He has had a piece of his skull removed to reduce the swelling on his brain.

But even with the £30,000, which has been both borrowed and used on credit card, the family still do not have enough to finish the treatment.

So in an attempt to save her brother, Tyla Russell, 28, set up a JustGiving page with an aim of receiving £50,000 in donations.

Frustrated by the poor communication from the hospital, Tyla said: “It’s really awful, Kurt means the world to us.

“At first there was no direct contact between us and the hospital. Now we are in direct contact with the surgeon but even then we only get one message a day - we are really on tenterhooks.

“We really need this money as the hospital has said to us that they won’t continue the treatment without it as he doesn’t have insurance.”

Tyla’s plea for financial support to help save her brother has already accumulated £11,000 from more than 230 generous supporters.

Tyla said: “I can’t believe the amount of support and generosity we have received. We can’t find the words to explain how grateful we are.”

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