POLICE are urging drivers to be more vigilant after a number of complaints about cars driving the wrong way down a newly-created one way street.

The Southend community policing team has received information that cars were both driving and parking in the wrong direction on Westcliff Parade, in Westcliff.

The street was made a one-way road last July of this year, but officers feel not everyone is aware and are therefore creating a hazard by not obeying the new rules.

PC Marek Jaworski, from the team, said: “The council recently changed the road to one-way in response to a petition by local residents.

“The new signs have been put in and road markings completed by Southend Council.

“The problem seems to be that a number of people who park on this road are visiting the Cliffs Pavilion or seafront, and therefore perhaps not paying as much attention as they should to the changed signs.

“I found nine vehicles parked the wrong way this week and only one was a local owner.

“I have left warning letters on each explaining what has happened.”

Westcliff Parade is a busy route running from Clifftown Parade to the Cliffs Pavilion.

The carriageway ranges from approximately eight metres wide to over 11 metres wide.

In the narrower sections of the street, officers from Southend Council found that there were high levels of conflict between drivers travelling in opposing directions failing to give way.

The congestion prompted residents of the street to launch a petition and ask for it to be converted to a one-way street.

Residents complained there was insufficient room for vehicles to pass each other when cars were parked on both sides of the street.

Simon Wilson, who lives in Westcliff Parade and helped launch the petition, said: “On a daily basis there were many incidents of traffic jams caused by drivers not being able to move.

“This often led to aggressive behaviour, bad language and fighting, resulting in unpleasant scenes and car damage. The police were called on a number of occasions.”

The road was converted earlier this year but PC Jaworski feels people are still driving dangerously.

He added: “There is a risk of collision if someone goes the wrong way against the flow and the person coming the other way, fully expecting it to be a clear road, maybe doesn’t see or expect them to be there so we are just asking drivers to be more vigilant.”