A cyclist has slammed a bus driver for passing too close in Southend.

The cyclist has uploaded the video to Youtube under the name "Westcliff GoPro".

It shows him cycling along Victoria Circus on December 22 at around 2.30pm when a bus comes dangerously close to him.

He believes the bus driver was "punishing" him for not using a "pointless" 20m cycle lane.

Warning: video contains strong language

He told cycling magazine road.cc: “As shown in the video, it was ridiculously close but the bus driver’s reaction shocked me more. When I gesticulated how close he was he said: ‘Don’t talk f*****g b******s'.

“I think the driver’s attitude was far from what you’d expect and, in my opinion, I think it was done deliberately because I didn’t take the pointless cycle lane.”

A tweet from First Buses said they were investigating the matter.

Spokesperson for First Essex said: “We have been made aware of the recent video uploaded to Youtube regarding an incident involving a cyclist and a First Bus driver. We will be undertaking an investigation and interviewing the driver concerned about the standard of driving relating to the incident.”