ANOTHER Labour candidate has come under fire for controversial statements made on Twitter.

Sean Jones was selected by Southend-on-Sea Labour Party last year to take the Chalkwell seat from the Conservatives on Southend Council during the 2018 local elections.

But has now come under criticism after a series of tweets emerged.

Just last month, prospective Labour councillor Daniel Cowan was suspended following revelations he co-hosted a vile “comedy” podcast.

Unlike Mr Cowan, no official complaint has been made to the Labour party over Mr Jones’ tweets.

Mr Jones’ twitter activity saw him tweet, on November 9, 2016, the day Donald Trump won the US Presidential Election “Well, it has been a while since there was a good assassination.”

He also tweeted: “I hate to body shame people, but I love watching Trump rallies simply for the fat arm on display. It’s akin to watching pimple extractions.”

He also came under criticism for tweeting “The more I read the news, the more I want to bring back flogging and the pillories” in October last year.

Southend Labour group leader, Ian Gilbert, highlighted how many of tweets were sent some time ago, when Mr Jones was still a university student, but still branded the issue as highly disappointing.

He said: “Of course, it is disappointing to see. If you look at most of the tweets in question, they are from at least a year or two ago, if not further.

“Obviously, it is no defence, but he is a young man and a number of tweets where from some time ago when he was still at university.

“As I said, it is no defence, but I think if you look hard enough, most of us have said a few silly things on social media in the past.

“It is an issue and it is disappointing. At this minute in time, I am not aware of any active proceedings, and we have not received any official complaints.

“We will have to look at this a bit further, but at current there is not any action taking place.”