Power cuts have been reported across Basildon and on Canvey as a result of the strong winds caused by Storm Eleanor.

At around 5am this morning, UK Power Networks issued a statement, alerting residents that due to the storm, power cuts had become much more frequent and they were working to resolve the outages as quick as they could.

A spokesman for UK Power Networks, said: "Today is a busier than usual day in the South East and East of England due to high winds damaging the electricity network in some isolated areas.

"Our engineers are working hard to restore power to customers that are affected.

"Where the weather has affected our electricity network our priorities remain public safety, restoring supplies as quickly as possible and keeping people informed.

"Our electricity network is built to be resilient but extreme weather can affect overhead power lines when tree branches and other debris damage them."

Here's where has been affected through the night:

Near to Whitmore Way, Basildon lost power at around 7.55 this morning.

Near to the A129 in Billericay also experienced issues at around 4.30am.

On Canvey, in Meynell Avenue, just off Furtherwick Road reported a power cut at 3.30am.

The reports from UK Power Networks show that the issues are still ongoing.