A man “confessed” his involvement in the robbery which left a man dead, a court has heard.

Andrew McVicar, 33, of Dewsgreen, Basildon, is one of two men charged with the manslaughter of 53-year-old Tim Smith which is alleged to have taken place during a robbery.

Prosecutor Christine Agnew told Basildon Crown Court yesterday that in the days after the incident took place, McVicar had sent a number of messages to friends and family via Facebook and Whatsapp.

While opening the case for the jury, she said: “On March 29, he sent a message saying ‘Just want to say sorry for everything in the past.

“‘Things have gone bad for me again and just want to say sorry’.

“Another message sent on March 30 said ‘Let me see if I can do this first. I can’t spend 25 years inside without trying something first’.”

CCTV, receipts and phone data showed McVicar had travelled all over the country including to Lancaster, Dunstable in Bedfordshire, Livingstone in Scotland and Harthill in Scotland where he was arrested and transported back to Essex.

The prosecution told the jury that McVicar shared a confession with his cousin in Scotland before he was arrested.

Ms Agnew said: “He stated he had been involved in a robbery with those he worked with.

“He said he had not meant for anyone to die. He confessed to his involvement to his cousin.”

Andrew McVicar and Colin Garrod, 50, of Crowborough Road, Southend, are charged with the manslaughter of Tim Smith, the robbery of Glen Mottram and possession of an imitation firearm.

The pair had previously pleaded guilty to possession of criminal property, namely £39,065 and £4,413 respectively but the Crown Prosecution Service did not accept that the charges reflected the duo’s criminal activity.

Jamie Caborn, 28, of Luncies Road, Basildon, faces a charge of being in possession of criminal property, namely £10,000 in cash. All three men deny all charges.

Ms Agnew told the jury: “You may have to consider whether Garrod and McVicar were present.

“The crown say that the evidence we will call will establish that all three men are guilty.”