A £9million scheme for major road changes in Basildon Town Centre has been announced.

Essex County Council is about to launch a public consultation on the plans, known as the Basildon Masterplan, which were drawn up five years ago.

The plans include converting a section of Cherrydown East, near the train station between Trafford House and Colors nightclub, into a two-way road.

Other proposals include improving the efficiency of the public transport.

The bus shelter and taxi ramp will get a facelift and drivers heading to the town centre on Southernhay would be re-routed on Cherrydown East to make way for taxi and buses to travel to the bus station.

However, some councillors are not convinced.

Kerry Smith Indepedent councillor for Nethermayne, said: “It’s just an utter waste of money.

“If they’re going to spend millions of pounds they should fix potholes and resolve traffic in Upper Mayne. If you’re coming from Laindon to Pipps Hill it’s completely gridlocked.

“And the roundabout on the A127 from Basildon is always busy. They could add some more traffic and flyovers to ease the traffic.

“The second issue is the huge amount of traffic that would have an impact on Trafford House. The Basildon Masterplan was drawn up years ago and at the time, Trafford House was being developed. But now there more than 400 people living there.

“If there is two-way traffic then people will have no gardens, and when residents open the windows they will not get fresh air but air pollution.

“It will also affect the available spaces in the car park.

“I also think the bus shelter at Cherrydown East does not need a whole new revamp, it just needs a bit of TLC. Money should be spent on easing traffic congestion.”

Councillor Andrew Buxton, representing St Martins Square, added: “I think it’s a horrendous idea. Although the road is quite wide, you already have cars parking on both sides and large vehicles like buses travelling on the road.

“I remember seeing a post on Facebook before Christmas about buses not getting through that road because a van or a truck was blocking the road. Police had to be called to move the vehicle. Not to mention the extra pollution residents at Trafford House will be breathing in. The building sits on a very busy road so the increased amount of traffic will be no good for them. It will be chaotic for residents travelling towards Asda on Southernhay because of the diverted traffic.”

Essex County Council said a date and time of the consultation had not been confirmed yet.


Basildon Town Centre needs investment to make it more appealing to investors, a councillor has said.

Labour councillor Andrew Gordon, a member of Basildon Council’s regeneration and environment committee, said the town centre really needed some”tender, love and care” to maintain its image as one of the county’s largest economy.

He said: “I used to represent the Nethermayne ward, and I understand Cherrydown East is an issue for everyone because the road is so congested. We need to have more details in how the road can be improved. 

“But I believe the bus and train stations need major improvements. They look very tired and worn, and they need a good facelift because visitors judge Basildon by the quality of its transport facilities and infrastructure.

“I’ve had businessmen telling me the train stations looked really old and it didn’t quite give them a good impression of us.

“Having good facilities will attract more people coming to our town, and it could attract more businesses. The more opportunities we have, the better chance we will have in strengthening our economy.

“And if we provide excellent transport service it would encourage more people to use trains and buses.”