A school has sent another warning to parents about two men intimidating students.

John Edwards, deputy headteacher at Beauchamps in Wickford, has written to parents to warn them after two students were left shaken.

It follows another incident on Hyde Way earlier in the week where a pupil was followed on January 8.

In the most recent incident, two pupils were walking along Glebe Road at about 7.40am.

As the girls approached a white van they crossed to the opposite side of the road.

The main beams of the lights then came on.

Two men exited the van and made vulgar gestures at them by raising their middle fingers.

While neither girl was approached the unexplainable actions of the men obviously frightened the girls.

The police are aware of the incident.

Mr Edwards wrote in a letter to parents: "Once again I would request that you discuss this incident with your children and advise them to follow a common sense approach by never talking to strangers and where possible walking in small groups to and from school.

"In the event of any concern they should move quickly away from the situation and seek help and support, informing their parents, the school and the police.

"It is also better to use the pavements on main roads when walking to and from school."