Experts have warned the deadly flu outbreak in the UK will become epidemic in within two weeks.

Just as the Aussie flu has already infected more than 800 Britons, the country has to face another outbreak - the Japanese flu. 

This aggressive flu is spreading rapidly across the country, with 2,000 people have been affected. Essex county is already on the red zone for rising outbreaks and reported cases.

So far 4.5 million Brits struck by the flu, with 85 deaths and just last week 4,000 people were admitted to the hospital. 

As the winter crisis is crippling the A&E services, the NHS has put out an urgent call to people not to use emergency services unless it was a life-threatening illness.

Pregnant women, children and people aged over 65 are most vulnerable. However, experts have also recommended ways for people to minimise risks from getting a flu and how to recognise symptoms. These include:

  • Taking a flu vaccination
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after you have been out to busy places such as shopping centres and public transport
  • Don't use hankerchiefs but tissues to blow your nose. Throw them away as quickly as possible
  • If you have caught a flu it is recommended you take a sick day off from work to prevent spreading it to the office. This is especially important if you are working with vulnerable people.