A COUNCIL is pushing forward with plans to finish Canvey’s “road to nowhere” after nine years of turmoil.

Castle Point Council has asked Essex County Council as the highways authority to help “secure” the third phase of Roscommon Way, in spite of a caravan park currently blocking its route.

A completed Roscommon Way, linking Canvey Road and Western Esplanade, would ease the island’s congestion, diverting traffic away from the town centre.

The route is currently blocked by mobile homes at the Thorney Bay Caravan Park. Jeff King, former owner of Thorney Bay Caravan Park and now consultant at the site, previously said that a gap had been left for the road.

Castle Point Council hopes that having the backing of Essex County Council will force the road to be built nine years after planning was first approved.

Former councillor, Colin Letchford, 70, said that having the relief road is critical for to easing Canvey’s congestion, and that the council must complete Roscommon Way, despite the obstacle that Thorney Bay poses.

He said: “I personally think it is important we have Roscommon Way completed as it would ease a lot of congestion on Long Road and others surrounding it. I come along that road a lot to come out towards Haven Road, the road is seriously under-used.

“If we were able to drive along that stretch, it would be really helpful.”

An update on the third phase of Roscommon Way is set to be given at Castle Point Council’s cabinet meeting tonight.

Mr Letchford added: “I think it is important Roscommon Way completed, and that we have another road off the island. I have always said we only have one route off as right now they both lead to Sadlers Farm.”

Barry Palmer, councillor for Canvey South, added that if the council do not remove the current blockage, the nine-year long proposal will have to be dropped.

He said: “If they cannot secure the stretch of road down there, they will have to re-think the entire plan.

“Even running a route on the north side, beside the sea wall cannot happen either now.”