A SECOND public consultation has been launched in the hope of securing up to £1million in funding for Canvey’s seafront regeneration plans.

The Coastal Communities Seafront Team is hoping more favourable responses from the public will boost the bid for funding, which chairman Ray Howard believes could be up to £1 million.

However this could all be in vain, after the Environment Agency said the proposals needed to be reviewed to maintain the sea defence.

But Mr Howard is confident of gaining bylaw consent to allow the plans for slides along the seawall to go forward.

He said: “I do believe Canvey is a great candidate to submit a bid to thoroughly enhance the seafront.

“The crux of the matter is, the more public backing and support we have, the more likely we are to get this investment.

“Honestly, I think we have a good chance of getting a million pounds or more.

“Nothing has changed with the plans yet, but that is the point of these consultations, to listen to views from everyone and we will take those views on board.

“I am confident that we do have the backing of the Environment Agency, and I hope they would consider giving us bylaw consent.

“They have in the past, so we could put benches and murals along the seawall, obviously we do not want to change the structure.

“They emailed me a few days after and it seems it is not as much of a sticking point as made out, they will take each case on an individual basis, and I think we have a strong case.”

The new additions proposed a raised walkway across Thorney Bay, a pavilion with public toilets and a kiosk as well as several slides sloping down the seawall.

Castle Point Council secured £10,000 from the Department of Communities and Local Government to establish a Coastal Community Team for Canvey and are hoping to secure funding from the Government’s Coastal Communities Fund.

A display of the plans has been installed at the Waterside Farm Leisure Centre, and will remain into February.

Email business@castlepoint.gov.uk.