A young woman bravely fought off two dogs after they launched an attack on her puppies as she walked along a beach.

Lily Sexton, 24, was walking her two springer spaniel pups on leads along Shoebury East Beach when two dogs, believed to be staffies pounced.

Miss Sexton, initially managed to get away from the dogs, but the owner failed to put her dogs on leads and they attacked the puppies again.

Miss Sexton sustained puncture wounds and scratches as she tried to save the 14-week-old puppies, Maggie and Willow, from the snarling dogs.

She said: “I was walking along the beach and they just suddenly went for Willow and Maggie.

“They picked Maggie up by the skin on her back and started shaking and pulling at her.

“Both the puppies were screaming.

“I managed to get them away and get off the beach but they were still off the lead and they just ran after the puppies again.”

Miss Sexton added: “This time they got Maggie by the stomach and then they were both pulling at her head and tail end.

“It was mayhem.

“I had to let go of the leads as I tried to pull the dogs off and the next thing I knew Willow had run off.

“I didn’t realise I’d been bitten until I saw the blood.

“I didn’t feel it.

“I was just trying to save Maggie, but it was terrifying.”

After finally retrieving her dogs, the dog owner, described as large with grey hair, left without saying a word, leaving Miss Sexton trying to comfort one puppy and trying to find the other.

She said: “I couldn’t see her then I saw a jogger had seen what happened and had run after her, but couldn’t catch her.

“She ran through the gate and was heading to the road. I thought she would die for sure but somehow she knew how to get home.

“Two men had seen her and were holding on to her outside our neighbour’s house. I can’t believe she knew how to get home as she’s only been out of the house a few times so far.

“People should know about this woman’s dogs. They aren’t safe and could hurt a child easily.”

Remarkably both puppies escaped serious injury and Miss Sexton has been prescribed antibiotics for her wounds.

She added: “I just want to thank everyone who helped. I don’t know what I would have done without lady who was jogging and the men that watched over Willow.”

The incident comes days after a woman in her sixties was attacked by a labrador cross as she walked by the lake in nearby Gunners Park.

The woman from Shoebury was left with serious bite wounds to both legs.

The owners of that dog also left the scene without attempting to help.

The injured woman, who asked not to be identified, managed to get to her car and followed the dog owner to house near Gunners Park before calling police and an ambulance.

She was treated at the scene by paramedics before receiving further care to her wounds from her GP.

Repeated incidents could prompt councillors to call for tougher laws to deal with the minority of irresponsible dog owners.

Shoebury councillor James Moyies warned dog owners to take responsibility for their dog or face the consequences.

He said: “I have been walking my dog there for 11 years and during that time and haven’t really had any problems but people have to have their dogs under control at all times.

“If these incidents keep on happening we will have to bring in a by law to deep dogs on leads at all times. This sort of thing is just not acceptable.”

Mr Moyies added: “Some dog owners are not responsible and don’t take responsibility for what’s happened.

“We need to find these people and find out if they are fit to own a dog.”

Police are investigating both incidents.

A spokeswoman said: "A 24-year-old woman reported she was walking her dogs on East Beach in Shoeburyness at 1.30pm when two black dogs attacked her dogs and bit her on the wrists.

The attacking dogs were with a woman who was believed to have left the scene in a silver car.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference 42/10215/18.