A grieving daughter claims mistakes made by two hospitals caused her mother to needlessly have her leg amputated.

Michelle Casey, from Romford claims gaffes by Southend University Hospital and the Royal London Hospital caused her late mother Patricia Webb to lose her limb.

She is now building a legal case against the hospitals and demanding a full investigation into the case as well as damages.

The 76-year-old retired widow and grandmother from Canvey, Essex, fell at home in late October 2013, fracturing her right leg.

Mrs Webb received an X-ray at Southend Hospital in December 2013, but doctors failed to notice the fracture, according to Mrs Casey’s lawyers.

Six months later, Mrs Webb’s leg had worsened, and she was told she needed complex surgery at the Royal London Hospital. Delays in referring her meant she did not receive surgery on the fracture until May 15, 2015.

The lawyers allege that had Mrs Webb received a vascular assessment prior to surgery, it could have shown she was suffering from peripheral vascular disease.

The condition causes blood vessels to narrow, reducing the blood supply and subsequently, vital oxygen that reaches the limb. Mrs Webb had a bandage on for two hours and 45 minutes during the surgery, which allegedly decreased the blood supply to her already deprived leg. The assessment could have stopped her using the bandage during surgery.

Mrs Webb was discharged from the Royal London on June 16, 2015 and hours later she was re-admitted after two carers were concerned for her health and called an ambulance. 

Mrs Webb then underwent an amputation of her right leg on June 25, 2015 due to a lack of blood supply which had caused the tissue in her toes and foot to die.

Following the amputation, she returned home, where she required extensive care from her daughter and granddaughter.

In September 2016, the family sought a clinical negligence partner at London law firm Hodge Jones & Allen, to help them get answers about the alleged failings.

The firm claims neither hospital respond to the claims until May 2017. Mrs Webb sadly, she died from heart failure in August 2017 aged 76 without an apology.

Mrs Casey told the Mail: “It has been an unbearably sad time for us as a family, and I have been horrified at the treatment she received.

“Prior to the fracture my mother had been extremely independent but after the amputation she became housebound.

“Her inability to care for herself and her increasing isolation led to her becoming very upset and depressed.

“To now have to accept that she will never know the outcome of this investigation just adds further insult to injury.”

Barts Health NHS Trust said:  “We are sorry that Ms Casey has concerns regarding her mother’s care. As the investigation is ongoing we are unfortunately unable to comment further.”