A CYCLIST is appealing for help after he was hit by a driver who then sped off from the scene.

Nathan Taylor, 22, from Leigh, has been left with severe bruising as well as a hefty bill to fix his custom-built bike after the hit and run incident.

Speaking to the Echo, he said: “I was riding my BMX along Leigh Road to meet my girlfriend after work. I passed Woodfield Park Drive and there was a car coming in the opposite direction. He wanted to turn down Woodfield Park Drive and just ran me over.

“The car then stopped and a white man, with possibly grey or white hair, hurled abuse at me and asked me where my lights were.

“Whilst I was laying on the floor in the rain, I managed to get myself up and the suspect drove off shouting abuse at me again.

“I then tried to walk home with my girlfriend but my dad had to take me to Southend A&E.”

Nathan was taken in for a CT scan which revealed he had suffered an abrasion in his right lower muscle next to his spine.

He also received several cuts to his hands, arms and legs.

The doctors only recommended paracetamol and rest for a few days but Nathan is still struggling to move freely.

He described the car as a white or grey estate-type car.

His bike, which he built himself and has cost him £1,400, has suffered significant damage.

“I got a new set of wheels costing £400 for Christmas and the back wheel has been damaged along with scratches to the frame, bars and forks. The seat was a rare signature seat which has also been ripped and ruined.”

Nathan is also a member of a BMX team called SKRBMX and was due to take part in a meeting which involved him testing prototypes at Leigh skate park but because of his injuries he was unable to attend.

This is the second hit and run to be reported to the Echo in the space of a week.

Nathan’s dad Mark Bacon added: “We found out that there was another hit and run in Rayleigh last night.

“When you have to go and pick up your soaking wet son and literally carry him into hospital, you can understand how we all feel.

“Luckily, Nathan is getting better but it is slow progress.”

Anyone with information should contact Essex Police on 101.