Greater Anglia “do not care about disabled passengers” according to a mum after repeated issues with the lift at Billericay station.

Shelley Symonds, who lives in the town, is mum to four-year-old Fraser who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which means he relies on a wheelchair.

She has slammed the train company for failing to fix the lift, which has been out of order since at least Wednesday.

Fraser regularly has hospital appointments in London, and his mum was far from impressed to see no alternative way to reach the platform.

And to compound issues, Shelley tweeted the company to raise the issue, also pointing out the broken disabled toilets on the train, and received a response saying the lift had been fixed as of Friday.

But when she visited the station, the lift remained out of order, and Greater Anglia has confirmed they are aiming to fix the lift by the end of this week.

The lift was also broken for an extended period during January.

Shelley said: “If I’m disabled/can’t manage stairs and I’ve got a hospital appointment to get to in London, there is no way for me to access the platform to the train and won’t be until the lift is fixed.

“What happens in this scenario?

“I sent an email to them the last time the lift was out of order on 5th January - they replied to me on 7th February.

“Again, proof that they do not see the urgency in treating your disabled customers fairly.

“I was told on Friday this lift was back to fully working order.

“Broken lifts, broken disabled toilets. No reply to earlier tweets, no contact from the accessibility manager.

“Why do they not care about their disabled passengers?”

A Greater Anglia spokesperson said: “We apologise that the lift is currently out of order at Billericay station.

“Engineers are working to repair it, and we aim to have it back in service by the end of the week.

“Our Accessibility Manager is in contact with Ms Simmonds and has arranged to meet her to address her concerns.”