CALLS have been made for Essex County Council to not waste £25,000 on installing warning signs about crashes on the A127.

County councillors are set to consider whether the cash should be spent on adding 15 more signs along the road, warning drivers to be careful because of potential crashes.

The signs would also warn pedestrians not to cross the road.

There are currently already warning signs lining the A127 close to the Mayflower retail park.

The plans come after Joseph Sheridan, 13, died after he was hit by a car on the A127 as he tried to cross the road in February 2016.

The Basildon Highways Panel has already rejected proposals to increase the budget of £4,000 to £29,000 to add 15 more signs. However, if county councillors agree to the proposals, the rejection will be overruled.

Basildon Highways Panel members questioned if the extra £25,000 could have been spent elsewhere.

Councillor Kerry Smith said: “The money could have been spent elsewhere. I think the county council should focus on fixing potholes because they’re very dangerous for drivers.

“I also think the money could have been spent on implementing 20 miles per hour speed limit on school zones that can save more lives.

Councillor Tony Ball, said: “Signs are already in place to warn pedestrians and drivers. It’s about being cost effective.”

Ian Henderson, senior road safety engineer for the county council, said: “The increased budget is to pay for labour, road closures and other statutory work we need to do to put in permanent signs.

“The fatal road signs will be installed between Nevendon Road and Fairglen, and there will be fatal pedestrian crossing signs along Hovefields Avenue and where the Dick Turpin pub is.”