FED-UP residents are blaming poor parking after a police car crashed into a car at a problem junction.

Officers driving a police car collided with a driver at the junction of Linden Way, and Long Road, Canvey.

No-one was hurt in the crash, but residents in the area have laid the blame at the doors of drivers who park along Linden Way, make it difficult to turn into the road if a car is coming in the opposite direction.

Essex Police, despite numerous requests, have failed to give the Echo any details regarding the crash, including what the police car was doing at the time.

The incident happened at roughly 11.30am on Monday.

Dot Palmer, who lives in Linden Way, said: “A lot of people have mentioned the crash to me today, I don’t know the cause but I would say it comes down to the parking.

“The people living in the flats have their own car park, but insist on parking on Linden Road.

“Some days you will have five or six cars park along the road from the junction.

“If you turn into Linden Road and another car is coming the other way, you either have to back onto Long Road or you end up sitting with the car half in the road. It is impossible to turn into the road.

“We were promised double yellow lines three or four years ago but that has not happened.”

Castle Point councillor, Ray Howard, has insisted he will raise the issue with Essex County Council’s highways panel.

He said: “It is a very busy junction, and quite a bad one as well. It is directly opposite another junction, you have both churches in very close proximity and we know Long Road is very busy, it is a very busy junction.

“I know there have been crashes in the past, and it may be one for the Highways Panel to look at. I will raise the question, and we can see how many crashes there have been and ask for a traffic safety audit for the area.”