Southend’s landmarks are a familiar sight – but not often seen quite like this.

From the pier to the seafront, from the estuary to the various creeks which surround the town, there are many iconic locations.

And, as these photos reveal, Southend from the air looks just as stunning. These images were captured by drone, operated by Jamie Crumpton, 32, of Benfleet, who set up Better Perspective Drone Services.

The stunning set of photos - that the Echo has been given permission to exclusively use – captures Southend in all its glory, from the industrial areas to the lonely and bleak creeks.

One of the most striking photos is a container ship in the Thames, with the green-blue water making the brightly coloured containers stand out.

No photos of Southend would be complete without a shot of the pier, and we have two. One shows the pier jutting out from Adventure Island into the turquoise sea and the other captures a stunning sky over the longest pleasure pier in the world.

Mr Crumpton set up his company after going travelling last year and deciding to buy a drone to capture the experience.

When he returned, he founded Better Perspective Drone Services and already has filmed music festivals around the world and wedding venues.