A LOCAL author has launched his latest novel with the backing of his local MP.

Julian Cundy, 50, from Westcliff, has released his latest book Into the Summerland on Sunday and welcomed his first customer, Southend East MP Sir David Amess.

Mr Cundy said: “Into the Summerland came to me in a dream. It’s taken a couple of years to complete because the manuscript was coming in at around 20,000 words which is novella-sized.

“My previous books have all been full-novel length so I tried enhancing and expanding it but it always felt like padding.

“So I accepted the story was the right length it needed to be and released it as my first novella.”

Mr Cundy said the book launch was a success and he sold 15 copies of his book, with readers being impressed with his distinctive steam-punk style of dress.

He said: “It’s quite a departure in style from my previous travelogue and thriller books. There is a more thoughtful, even spiritual element which is why it was released under my middle name Julian to reflect the different style and flavour of expression.”

The author has said he will continue to promote the book across the county with other public appearances in the coming weeks.

To find out more about Julian’s work and his next plans visit www.JulianCundy.com