A CAFE owner scared off two would-be thieves after they could hear him calling the police through his two-way audio CCTV system.

Two men broke into The Lillies Cafe, in the Alpha Garden Centre, London Road, Wickford at roughly 11pm on Tuesday night.

They made away with three lenova tablets, as well as smashing an alarm system and damaging a side door in the process of breaking in.

But owner, Jamie Foster, 34, was just thankful for his CCTV system, which allowed him to not only hear everything the thieves were saying, but also speak to them, and let them hear him on the phone to the police.

Mr Foster feared if it wasn’t for the system, the pair would have caused a lot more damage or made off with more stolen goods.

He said: “Initially I got a notification on my phone from the alarm system, then the CCTV system kicked in on my phone.

“I could see the two guys rummaging around the cafe, and started to shout at them that I could see them and that police were coming.

“I have this two-way CCTV system, so I spoke into the phone and they could hear me in the cafe.

“I kept it running while I was on the phone to the police so they could hear me talking to the police.

“They smashed up the alarm system and broke a couple of doors as well as stealing 3 tablets.”

Police were on the scene within six minutes, with a dog unit.

The pair had already fled the scene, but were captured by the CCTV image, and Mr Foster is urging anyone who may recognise them to contact the police.

As well as recommending the Ring cameras too any business or home owner.

He added: “But I think I definitely deterred them, they probably would have been in there for much and caused a lot more damage without the system.

“I am a little bit gutted, but I am quite relieved they didn’t cause more damage.

“It is a fantastic CCTV system.

“I would recommend it to any business owner, or anyone at all, I have two set up in my home as well.

“The fact you have two way audio is such an assett, I could hear exactly what they were saying, and they could hear me calling the police.

“They were definitely spooked.

“It is quite high quality CCTV, so if anyone does recognise these two, or has some clue who they are, they need to contact the police.”