A TEENAGER’S birthday wish came true after she got to meet her lifelong heroes when a Facebook appeal went viral.

Mum Lucy Murray, 52, who lives in Billericay, appealed for daughter Sarah to meet Ant and Dec to make her 18th birthday extra special after a terrible year for the family.

Lucy, who has Down’s Syndrome, lost her dad, Frank, to bowel cancer in February last year.

The family then lost their house because the mortgage was in Frank’s name and Lucy could not keep up the repayments.

Then, Lucy received the devastating news she has incurable breast cancer.

Determined to make Sarah’s birthday memorable, Lucy appealed on social media for help to make her daughter’s dream come true.

Lucy, who is receiving palliative chemotherapy, said this might be the last party she can attend with her daughter.

She said she thought the dream was an impossible task, but was stunned by the response from people up and down the country who tried to make her daughter’s birthday extra special.

With more than 300 shares across Facebook, charity Partyman’s Magic Makers got involved, whisking Sarah and her mum off to meet the pair, as well as getting them seats in the audience of the Saturday Night Takeaway show on Saturday.

Mrs Murray said it was a dream come true for them both.

She said: “I think a lot of people from various different places were working on it behind the scenes, in particular from Magic Makers.

“They organised a lovely car for us and it was a complete surprise and so fantastic. Sarah was beside herself and dancing for joy.”

Lucy had been hoping the stars would come to her daughter’s birthday party in June, but was thrilled that she had got the chance to meet the comedy duo.

Sarah received a very happy early birthday present on Saturday, spending time with the award-winning duo before their show, taking pictures and autographs, before she was presented with a bag of goodies and stayed to watch the show.

Mrs Murray said: “It really made me smile and I’m still smiling now.

“Ant and Dec were absolutely lovely.

“They were quite busy because there was lots to do for the show but they didn’t make us feel rushed, they had so many photos and were really sweet with her.

“She had a brilliant time. Sarah was so thrilled, it was wonderful and so heart warming to see.

“It was very tiring for me but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

“It was all I wanted to see, for her to smile.

“I’m so grateful to everybody on Facebook who shared my post and who was working behind the scenes to make it happen.

“I just can’t say how much it means to me.”