A DAD severed two of his fingers when a buggy he was driving flipped in a jungle in Mexico.

Adam Szubanski, who lives Benfleet, was operated on without anaesthetic and lost his wedding finger as well as much of his little finger while on a family holiday.

And if nearly losing two fingers isn’t bad enough, Adam was alarmed to learn he would received just £200 in compensation and his travel insurance would not pay for the £8,000 cost of the surgery.

The 40-year-old was told his insurance wouldn’t cover the potentially hazardous activity after he spent six hours in hospital.

He told the Daily Mail: “I went into the jungle with 10 fingers and came out with eight. I thought I was going on a family excursion, but it was deadly.”

Mr Szubanski had been staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya with 37-year-old wife Michelle and their three sons.

They were in the country to attend the wedding of Mr Szubanski’s friend, Brett Silver, when the three boys joined them both on a guided tour organised by their hotel.

Driving on what he described as non-existent roads with “rocks everywhere”, Mr Szubanski says he carefully followed his guide at 20mph.

But he says disaster hit when he went over a hill, crashed and flew through the air.

“My little finger was hanging off,” he said. “All I had in my head was my children. They looked so frightened. All I could think was: “I’m glad it’s me, not them.”

His situation worsened when he was rushed to hospital for treatment only to lose his ring finger too.

He waited for six hours while travel insurer AXA weighed up whether he was covered for the treatment, which he was forced to undergo while he was awake due to the hospital having no anaesthetics.

The martial arts enthusiast was forced to stop boxing and training four times a week by the accident, which he says has ruined his life.

A spokesperson for AXA said that Mr Szubanski’s insurance policy did not cover the ‘hazardous activity’ of driving a Polaris Racer.

“We should have told Mr Szubanski sooner that his claim would be declined,” they said.

“We have offered him £200 compensation for this delay.”

The firm added that he should have been treated “in a timely manner regardless of insurance cover”, but said his injury was so serious that even immediate treatment would not have saved his fingers.