A man has been charged after careering through a garden fence while under the influence of drink or drugs.

A driver crashed into a garden fence, completely destroying the fence, at the junction of Stelli Avenue and Central Avenue, Canvey, at roughly 11.30pm on Sunday night.

Erwin Bodenstein, 38, of Summerlands, Canvey, was arrested at the scene and charged with driving while unfit through drink or drugs.

And residents along the road have stated this is far from the first time, blaming reckless drivers who take on the tight bend far too fast.

Albeit weather related, the house opposite the junction, on Central Avenue, is yet to repair its wall after a driver collided with it during the Beast from the East.

Although several years ago, the neighbour the other side of the junction has twice had her wall destroyed, once in a weather related crash, and the second time due to the speed of the driver.

The neighbouring resident, who asked not to be named, said: “It is definitely a problem along here.

“It doesn’t look like it, but this road is a main road of sorts and we do have a lot of cars coming along here.

“It is a tight bend and a small road, but people still try and take it far too quickly. They cut the corner without having a clue what is on the other side and it is dangerous. “I am not quite sure what can be done, something needs to be done, the junction is not big enough for a mini-roundabout, maybe you could have speed bumps along here.”

Another resident, who again asked not to be named, slammed drivers who tackle the road dangerous.

He said: “It is ridiculous, if you sat here with me in rush hour you would see them all do it. They fly down this road and then swing around the corner completely blind and out of control.

“I’m not surprised it has happened, he’s come along Central Avenue far too quickly, tried to swing it right into Stelli Avenue, and got it all wrong. The way they drive around here it won’t be long till it happens again, or god forbid someone gets hurt.”

An Essex Police spokesman said: “A man has been charged following an RTC in Stelli Avenue, Canvey Island.

“We were called to reports a car had been in collision with a garden fence at around 11.30pm on Sunday, March 11.

“We attended and arrested a man. Erwin Bodenstein, 38, of Summerlands, Canvey Island has been charged with driving while unfit through drink or drugs. He is due to appear at Southend Magistrates’ Court on April 11.”