A dangerous driver who crashed his car leaving his passenger seriously injured has been spared jail.

Stephen Green, 46, of Lincoln Road, Basildon, was found guilty of dangerous driving by a jury at Basildon Crown Court last week.

The court heard how on July 28, 2016, Green was involved in a collision on Southend Road in Stanford-le-Hope when he came round the corner at a "minimum of 51 mph" in a 30mph limit and crashed into a car which had pulled out at a junction, Goldings Crescent.

The court also heard how Green had abandoned his vehicle, walking home with broken ribs and an injured hand, and leaving his friend, Stephen Chatwin, with a dislocated knee cap and pelvis.

The driver of the Vauxhall Corsa which he had crashed into, 17-year-old George Hart, also sustained injuries tantamount to actual bodily harm.

Returning to Basildon Crown Court yesterday, Mr Green was sentenced by Judge Samantha Leigh.

Green had faced a count of dangerous driving causing serious injuries but he has been acquitted of this charge as Mr Chatwin was not wearing a seatbelt during the collision.

Mitigating, Phoebe Bragg, told the court of how Green had experienced difficulties since the crash, including declaring himself bankrupt.

She added: "Mr Green is a man of good character with no previous convictions.

"He has a daughter who is 19 years old. He has had sole custody of her since she was 12 years old and she still lives with him."

Judge Leigh handed Green a 12 month sentence suspended for 18 months, a driving disqualification for three years - whereby he will need to retake his test after this term - and 200 hours community service.

Judge Leigh said: "The problem with that junction is it's on a bend.

"We know that junction, Mr Chatwin called it a 'naughty junction' after the crash happened and I understand why he used that term.

"You were comfortable and that is why you were going too fast.

"The expert, Mr Hague, said it was a minimum of 51mph and I think that's right."

The court also previously heard how Mr Chatwin had died since then but his cause of death was not related to the crash.