Our verdict on a sweet and sugary donut recipe collection.

Love doughnuts? We can guarantee you don't love them as much as Vicky Graham.

The baker and businesswoman runs Vicky's Donuts in Hackney, London, where she concocts pillowy donuts in funny, fanciful and super tasty designs, and now you can deep fry along at home, thanks to her new cookbook, the simply titled, Donuts.

Here's what we think of it...

The book: Donuts by Vicky Graham

Who will love it? Kids, people with a very sweet tooth, and anyone with the patience to individually ice a stack of freshly fried donuts without giving up and just dunking them in sugar.

What's its usability and design like? It is SO pretty. From the pink illustrated hundreds and thousands, scattered across a blue background on the inside cover, to the instagram-shaped pages (there's just something so lovely about square images, especially when those images contain donuts), it's delightful to look at and hold. There's also an image for each recipe (you'd be surprised how many cookbooks leave you to guess at what you're supposed to be creating), and the instructions are clear, if perhaps a little cramped on the page.

What is it trying to get us cooking? Donuts, donuts and donuts - absolutely nothing but donuts. And fancy ones, not your standard jam ones.

How easy are the recipes? Once you've mastered Graham's original donut recipe on page 21, and are confident when it come to your deep fat frying skills, in theory you should be away. However, your icing and donut filling skills may take a while to truly acquire. Expect a whole lot of icing mess on your first few attempts.

The best recipe is... for the ginger and cream cheese donuts - they're dusted with crushed gingernuts.

The recipe we're most likely to post pictures of on Instagram is... the pineapple donuts. They are super cute, with white chocolate (dyed green with food colouring) stems and bright yellow icing. The Bakewell tart donuts are a close second though.

The recipe we're least likely to try is... Eggs Benedict. Even though there's no actual hollandaise sauce involved, stuffing a donut with a poached egg and a slice of ham just doesn't sound right to us, and looks ridiculously fiddly.

Overall rating: 8/10

Donuts by Vicky Graham is published in hardback by Hardie Grant Books, priced £10. Photographer Joe Woodhouse. Available March 8.