James Martin talks about his American Adventure ahead of his appearance at the Essex Fine Food Show on 12th May at Chelmsford City Racecourse. Anne Pocock, Show organiser caught up with James Martin to chat about his upcoming visit to the Essex Fine Food Show on Saturday 12th May and his latest TV series, James Martin's American Adventure.

Echo: American Adventure to Essex’s Fine Foods with James Martin

Welcome back to Essex, James - this time you're coming to the country's newest racecourse - Chelmsford City Racecourse which is a fantastic venue and a perfect place to host the Essex Fine Food Show.

We've all been following your latest adventure to America - what a fantastic programme and your journey has been amazing.

Q. What was your favourite place you visited and tell us why?

Texas as I never been there before, it’s surprised me, shocked me, and made me want come back to it. Shocked me in a way that obviously the gun scenario is rife in that part of America, however, the food scene was superb and the people so friendly, from Austin to Dallas you get to realise the scale and size of America. It took 3 days to drive across.

Q. What was your stand out American Food dish or dishes and please describe them to us?

Probably the stand out restaurant on our trip was the ‘Single Thread’ restaurant in Sonoma, it was a brand new restaurant run by husband and wife team, he cooks and she produces a lot of the food from the garden, this was one of the many places that cemented America as having some of the best food in the world. The stand out food dish has to be barbecue brisket and that was at Angelo’s in Texas, they cook 2,500lbs of brisket a day in one restaurant! Go try it!

Q. You must have met some great characters on your journey and shared food with some great chefs. Who was your favourite chef and what was your favourite restaurant, and why?

The characters like Wolfgang Puck known as Mr LA was without doubt one of the highlights as we cooked with him Beverly Hills in one of his restaurants, but I think meeting and working with Thomas Keller who is the only American Chef to hold 2x 3 Star Michelin Restaurants, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast.

Q. There are over 80 classic American recipes in "James Martin's American Adventure". Can you pick out two for us and tell us what you love about about them ?


Funnel Cake, as this is a street snack in Philadelphia, kind of like a cross between a doughnut and churros. I served mine with blueberry and gin compote. The other being was the Texas rib of beef I had cooked for me I had cooked me by Wolfgang Puck in LA with mac n’ cheese.

Q. Can you give us a taster of what you will be cooking for us at the show and will they be recipes from your new book?

I will be doing certainly some of the recipes from the American show, as I know they will combine well with a lot of the ingredients that suppliers have at the show like gin, and meat etc.

Q. Can you give a final word to the Essex visitors coming to see you at the show

It is a pleasure to be asked back to Essex again, I remember the first time visiting and not knowing what to expect but was amazed to see so many people, literally thousands turning up during the day, it is a very special show that’s well organised and well attended by both producers, suppliers, and the public, and above all it’s a great day out.

James will be on stage 11am, 1pm and 3pm, Saturday 12th May and signing James Martin's American Adventure after each demonstration

Tickets to watch James Martin demonstrations are available from www.essexfinefoodshow.co.uk