A new cafe is coming to Southend offering a special full English breakfast for a staggeringly low 99p.

The cheap as chips fry up is coming courtesy of Grafters Cafe - which is looking to open in London Road in early Spring.

The owners behind the scheme admitted they have taken inspiration from the popularity of Poundland and 99p shops in today’s day and age.

The 99p breakfast will be made up of a Cumberland sausage, a rasher of bacon, a fried egg, baked beans and toast - and the cafe has already struck up a deal with Southend United.

With this partnership, Grafters will promote its 99p breakfast as the perfect place for fans to meet and eat before heading to the match.

A spokesman for the cafe said: “In a time when job losses are increasing and the cost of living is ever rising, it is only natural for us to watch our finances.

“Drawing in the purse strings and looking at ways to save money, has contributed to the nationwide success of 99p and pound stores.

“These stores offer a haven to the cost conscious consumer, who can benefit from significantly discounted prices on household goods, anything from mums hair dye, to dads windscreen wiper blades to boiled sweets.

“The 99p and pound stores have definitely made their mark in the retail industry so why not in the catering sector?

“Born out of this idea, Grafters Cafe (‘Grafters’) is a unique eating experience based upon this very principle, making it affordable for anyone to eat, while watching the pounds and pennies.

“The buzz is growing, and word is certainly getting around, with the cafe already displaying the 99p breakfast offering.”

Grafters is also offering the ideal lunch on-the-go meal deals. The Grafters “grab and go” offers you a choice of cold cut meats and cheeses in rolls and sandwiches, with a packet of crisps, and a can or bottled drink for just £1.99.

And on the other end of the scale, the cafe will offer a monster breakfast. 

The monster breakfast includes 25 rashers of bacon, 20 sausages, 15 eggs, 12 slices of toast and eight portions of beans.

At the end of the season, Grafters Cafe will also be offering a man vs food challenge, where punters can take on a 16.5lb breakfast challenge - a world record attempt in aid of charity.

The owners envision Southend as the flagship cafe, with eyes set on Basildon, as well as cities across the country.

Grafters partnership with Southend United will see them be official ‘Breakfast Partners’ for the 2018/19 season. This will also allow fans to benefit from exciting competitions, prizes and giveaways offered in conjunction with the club.