A FUN-FILLED forest themed workshop helped youngsters get their creative juices flowing.

Children up to the age of 12 got crafty at the Forest Friday event at Belfairs Woodland Centre in Leigh.

Keen crafters were given the opportunity to spend the whole morning conjuring crafts, play nature inspired games and hunt around the forest to fill the last days of the half term holidays.

Attendees were encouraged to have fun both indoors and ventured out on nature trails and created works of art from materials they found in the nearby woodland.

Greg Borgatz, centre manager, said it was an absolute sell -out event as 18 children got stuck in with their mums and dads.

“It’s a lovely holiday activity we run and it gets the children outside as we run a variety of natural craft bits so it’s a bit of education and a bit of fun,” he said.

“We’ve been running it everyday throughout the school holidays and each group has been fully booked.

“The children have been making all sorts of bits and and bobs like making pictures out of bits of twigs they found in the woods.

“It’s an activity that’s been very well supported we even did a self lead nature trail over the Easter weekend and we had about 700 children take part with their parents.”

For more information about activities at the Belfairs Centre head to facebook.com/EWTBelfairs.