A PHOTO showing an injured baby fox caused a social media storm following a theory it had "been shot".

The photo was posted on the Colchester Crimewatch and Community Facebook page over the weekend.

At the time, it had thought the animal had been shot with a weapon which could have been an air rifle.

Hundreds of people commented on the photo, concerned about any malicious behaviour.

Charles Rickwood had been walking his Border Collie in Tulip Walk at the time.

He had been chatting to another dog walker when he was approached by a friend.

He said: “He had in his gloved hand a fox cub of young age, unfortunately the poor pup had passed away.

“What was immediately obvious was the puncture wound to the soft belly with blood around it.”

However upon further investigation by Dave Thompson, who runs the Fox Rehabilitation in Colchester, there is no evidence to suggest the cub was shot.

Mr Rickwood said: “There is no pellet in the wound, but we are still trying to follow up what caused it.

“The response to the photo has been phenomenal, there was a lot of concern.

“But it may not have been malicious, it could have been an accident.”

More than 700 people had viewed and commented on the photo of the injured cub.

The original post had said: “(I guess it was shot) and left to die in agony and it wouldn’t have been quick.

“I don’t care if it was classed as a pest, no animal should have to suffer like this.

“Plus, it’s illegal to discharge any weapon in a built up area.”

Mr Thompson, who has the fox in his care, is still investigating to try and find out what happened.