ANGRY residents and councillors are calling for action after residents have been left without street lights for more than two months.

About ten of the 12 lights in New Waverly Road, Noak Bridge, are out of order causing concerns for safety in the road.

The residents say they feel that Essex Highways has been ignoring their calls for concern and the authority is not explaining what is being done about the issue.

Vivienne Bignell, 71, of New Waverly Road, said there have been a few car break ins since the lights have been out in the road.

She added: “I first realised about the lights being out about two months ago now, when I was going to meet a friend up the road during the evening, and when I came out of my front door I found that it was pitch black so I had to drive up the road as I couldn’t walk in the dark.

“I called Essex Highways. They told me they were aware of one faulty light in the road, so I informed them that in fact most of the lights were out.

“I phoned again a few weeks later and was told that there was some faulty cable and that after someone comes and inspects it, it can take another 28 days to fix the issue.

“Something needs to be done very soon, or are we expected just to wait until someone seriously hurts themselves or a very serious crime is committed?

“I am becoming concerned about leaving my home during the evening because of the lack of lights in the road and I think that some other residents have also become scared to leave their own homes too.”

Ms Bignell said she has contacted Terri Sargent, Conservative councillor for Crouch to see if she can help to get the issue fixed.

She added that it is now just unacceptable.

Mrs Sargent said that various residents have been contacting her about the issue.

She added: “I am concerned for the safety of the residents because there are no lights. Residents that I have spoken to told me that they are having to go out with torches because they just cannot see where they are walking and it is dangerous.

“The lights were out in February and March and the evenings were very dark.

“Essex Highways has been sympathetic towards residents but that won’t prevent an accident from happening.

“I understand it is down to a power issue but ten weeks is a very long time to have no street lights in a residential street.”

Paul Downes, 69, of Hamley’s Close, Noak Bridge, who is chairman of the Noak Bridge Residents Association said he thinks it is a disgrace that the lights have been off for so long.

He added: “I have had a number of complaints from residents about the issue with the lights.

“We pay our council tax and these services should delivered - I do not think that is unreasonable.

“I think that having street lights out makes everyone feel vulnerable.

“I know that residents have been told about a faulty cable but I think we should have been told a bit more about what is going on with the street lights.

“It seems to me that Essex Highways is just not dealing with this despite the number of residents who have been reporting the issue.”

He also said that it feels as though Essex Highways has been just ignoring the residents who are raising worries.

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “We have identified street light power cable faults along New Waverley Road.

“In this location the cables run through private properties and this is delaying fault-finding prior to repair. We are currently investigating the best solution to resolve this issue.”