A MUM has slammed a company for threatening to take away her children’s goalposts from a communal area in a block of flats.

Stephanie Cossington, 30, put the goalposts in the communal area of the Ashleigh flats, in Sanders Road, Canvey, for her son Charlie, ten, and daughter Grace, four.

However, Together Property Management has said the items need to be removed and will be taking action if they aren’t gone by Wednesday.

Mrs Cossington said: “The only thing that’s left out there at night are the goal posts.

“My son has ADHD and having the goal posts there really helps him out. Usually he takes his medication before he goes to school. So, by the time he’s come home, they’ve worn off. He doesn’t play with a big group of kids so he’s out there playing football on his own to burn his energy off.

“When they told me about it, I just laughed. I thought ‘really?’ It’s some plastic goal posts for children.

“He’s a ten year old boy playing by himself. He’s not hurting anybody.

“I live in a one bedroom flat with two kids. There is no room for storage. So where am I supposed to put it. Personally, I think they don’t like children playing outside.

“It’s not blocking the path since it’s in the middle of the grass. It’s only held down by a few pegs.

“There’s no signs saying that they can’t play out there. So why is there a problem now?”

The landlord, who does not wish to be named, also slammed the decision of the property company, calling it “absolutely ridiculous”.

He added: “It’s a flat so there’s no outside space apart from the communal area. The kids can’t kick the ball more than five yards anyway.

“I don’t have a problem with it but clearly someone does.

“But this is absolutely ridiculous, what’s the harm? I have emailed them back but it’s final. It really got my back up.

“They could have sent letters around asking what tenants thought about it. But no, they just went straight through to that. I’m guessing that other tenants won’t be pleased with paying out. There’s 26 flats here. So if 25 agree, what if there’s one tenant that doesn’t? But one complaint and it’s being taken down - that’s a bit harsh.”

A spokesman for the Together Property said: “Following complaints from other lessees at the development, we kindly requested that the items be removed and when no response to this initial request was received, we advised that we would have to appoint contractors to remove them.

“Whilst we are sympathetic that children need areas to play, we also have to consider the other lessees of the development who may wish to enjoy the communal grounds. As such, this equipment should be removed at the end of session of play rather than remaining in situ.”