When I first moved to Station Avenue, Wickford, ten years ago it was relatively quiet and smooth.

However, it is becoming increasingly busy with the new houses built in Jubilee Drive, and the roads and pavements have become potholed.

Now we hear there is a proposal for another 200 houses. The road will be come increasingly busy, with more potholes. Getting in and out of our driveways will be even harder.

We are also told a car park with shops is to be built outside the station. Anyone living around this area can tell you that between 4.30pm until 6.45pm, and also when the trains are late, the traffic is gridlocked.

It's all very well building more homes, but what about more schools and more GP surgeries to cope with all these extra people?

We are asked where do we want to put the Wickford swimming pool? Why not leave it in Market Avenue. Build above it. Put a cafe, walkway across Market Road, build up the community centre and library.

We do not need more houses - we need more things for the children to do. Barn Hall is a really peaceful area to take the children and walk the dog, lots of birds and animals. Our children know what most species are. Some children in London have never seen a cow or sheep up close. It is a nice town - don't overcrowd it.

Susan Sheekey
Station Avenue