This year's local elections are just around the corner.

Elections will take place on May 3 where candidates from various parties will be battling it out for a seat on Southend Council.

Your nearest polling station will be on your polling card - if you haven't received one this may be because you haven't registered to vote.

Here is a list of candidates standing in Southend:


We also asked the political parties to submit their manifestos, which are listed here:

Labour's manifesto

We are passionate about Southend and proud of our community.

Southend is in many ways a great place to live, with a rich history, great cultural assets and dynamism in our businesses. Our public services are creaking under years of austerity imposed by the Tory Government.

We aim to translate values of solidarity, community and co-operation into practical steps to make Southend a more prosperous, more cohesive town with a better quality of life for all. We want a real public service ethos.

We can support the local economy and make our community more cohesive if we make sure as much of the money spent by the council stays in the local area.

We will look to strengthen regulation of private sector housing and create a new enforcement team to deal with environmental crime and low-level anti-social behaviour.

Housing and homelessness will be a critical priority for us. 

Labour councillors in administration have made a difference before. We commenced building social housing for the first time in decades. 
With your support we can make a greater difference now.

Green party

Our vision for Southend is of a more equal, compassionate town that protects the vulnerable, provides decent homes, education and health service for all; and recognises the right of future generations to be protected from the ravages of climate change and environmental degradation.

Southend has performed poorly in the provision of affordable housing and the social to rent sector.

We will lead a dynamic change of council effort.

We will deliver a radically different, environmentally sound transport policy designed to reduce car use in the area.

We will take every appropriate opportunity to promote the ethical treatment of animals, reduce meat consumption and protect wildlife.

We oppose selective education. 

Genuine consultation will always take place before decision making, with an end to the secrecy that has dogged the council for decades.


We pledge to keep council tax as low as possible.

We pledge to reduce the number of Southend Council cabinet positions from eight to seven.

We pledge to invest in digital technology to allow the council to deliver the higher quality and more convenient 24/7 services.

We pledge that all decision will be made in an open, transparent manner by elected councillors and never make decisions in the pursuit of a good soundbite or if it makes a good headline in local press.

We pledge to retain our weekly waste collection.

We pledge to never close public toilets or remove litter bins and ensure beaches, parks, and open spaces are cleaned and maintained regularly.

We pledge to ensure older people in Southend continue to receive dignity in care and to never support the closure of Southend Hospital A&E.

We pledge to continue to support grammar school education in Southend and continue investment in play equipment.

We pledge to continue to invest in our seafront to ensure Southend remains a top visitor attraction and to invest in Southend pier.

Southend Independents

Southend Independent councillors have agreed to the following principles as a group, not a party.

They will campaign for extra police and police support to make our community safer and reduce crime and fight to save Southend Stroke Unit and the hospital from being downgraded even further.

They will also promote extra funding for mental health issues in the town for all people, but particularly the young.

The candidates believe coherent plans for infrastructure should be put in place before any further development takes place and focus should be put on children’s education, youth facilities and developing apprenticeships within the council.

They also want to improve the speed at which potholes and uneven pavements at repaired and make sure there are affordable homes for people.

They also wants to improve health care by building four health centres, creating additional adult social care homes to release beds from hospitals. They also want to develop a sensible Shoebury common sea defence.

Independent councillor Tino Callaghan added, as you know I have campaigned for the last 4 years for affordable housing. And priority housing for local people. I would  keep  on the fight to licence landlords to give people better living standards. Eradicate the homeless.

Lib Dems

Southend is a borough under pressure and within the town, there are particular pressure points in terms of development, infrastructure, services, regeneration and the economy.

The Liberal Democrats are the party of community.

They pride themselves on working locally for local people and working with, and for, them to achieve their aspirations for the future and thus enhancing the wellbeing of all communities within the borough of Southend.

Southend also has the additional pressure of being a resort borough with many diverse aspects to that offering.

Be it the seaside fun factor or its culture or the level of heritage.

Now more than ever with the uncertainties surrounding the future, we need as a borough to work together with clear decisive thinking and good management in order to harness our many resources and achieve the outcomes we want in the years ahead.