AN OFFICER who strip searched a teenager three times in a fortnight has had his appeal against his punishment quashed.

Two Essex Police officers were reprimanded during misconduct proceedings which heard the youth was stopped four times in Southend.

On three occasions he was strip searched without an appropriate adult being present.

The Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC) has now published their report into the matter following disciplinary proceedings last year.

PC Ian Patterson and PC Michael Brimfield admitted breaches in their responsibilities and the disciplinary panel concluded their actions amounted to gross misconduct.

The report from the IOPC revealed officers believed the teen, referred to as Boy R, was connected to the notorious Bush Boys gang and was carrying drugs.

On August 4, 2014, Boy R was detained and taken to Southend Police Station for a strip search.

The IOPC investigator concluded they failed to ascertain his age.

On August 6, 2014, Boy R was again strip searched at the police station by PC Patterson without an appropriate adult present which the investigator found was a breach of the force’s codes of practice.

On August 17, the boy was strip searched in the back of an unmarked police van and officers found a small quantity of cannabis.

Boy R then swallowed the cannabis and was taken to hospital where he was handcuffed for five hours.

The IOPC found that PC Patterson who conducted the search may have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour but that there was insufficient evidence to suggest the handcuffing of Boy R for five hours could be considered a breach.

The full report is available at

Both officers have been given final written warnings.