“Maybe things need to get even worse before people change their vote”, claims Labour candidates after a disappointing day at the polls.

The Labour party started the day with no standing councillors in Castle Point, and finished in the same manner, despite having a candidate standing in every ward.

Joe Cooke, standing in the St George’s ward, admitted he started the day hoping to gain seats, particularly targetting the St Mary’s ward, but left the day disappointed with “underachieving”.

And the long time Labour candidate admitted he thought the party would gain votes due to the “underachieving “ Conservative leadership, taking shots at the island’s poor infrastructure and failing local plan.

And he also took the opportunity to slam the Canvey Island Independent Party, stating it was about time that Castle Point “got back to real politics”

Mr Cooke said: “It is sad that the people still want to support the same old council, with the same old politics.

“People have voted to support a party which is clearly underachieving in power.

“This Conservative leadership is failing, just look at the failings in the local plan, the issues with housing in Castle Point, the lack of infrastructure, but they have gained seats tonight.

“Maybe things have to get even worse before people decide to change their vote.

“This is unexpected and hugely disappointing.

“We expected some kind of gain at least, we still have our core group of supporters in Castle Point, and there votes are still there.

“We had put a lot of effort and manpower into this campaign, and it is sad to see these results.

“As far as I am concerned, it is about time we got rid of these Canvey independence claims, which will never happen, and we get back to real politics.”