LABOUR has a successful night at the election, as they made the most gains.

The party continued the success of the national party in the general election in June 2017, which also saw the party gain seats nationally.

The party made landmark gains in areas that have dominated by other parties for half a century.

Ian Gilbert, leader of Labour Party in Southend said his party had continued to make progress.

He correctly predicted that the party would make at least one gain in the election, before the final results were read out to the eagerly awaiting congregation.

He said: “I think we did better than we expected.

“I think that it’s a sign that the political landscape is changing a lot.

“We gained a seat in Blenheim where we have not had a seat for about 50 years.”

He thought it would be close and it was.

He told the Echo that he believed the votes showed that residents were believing in the party and its work in the area.

Before the results the labour leader was feeling positive, and it seemed as though he had good reason to be feel that way.

He said that he felt the party has made good progress in Southend, and the votes from the polls helped justify this point well.

Mr Gilbert said that Labour has been doing so well in the last few elections at the polling stations.

The latest election results were double that of the previous election.

In 2016 Labour won 11 seats in Southend, and they made a gain of one and no losses.

This shows how well the party did this year.

The support from Labour varied across the south of the county as well as across the Southend wards.

The Labour Party received plenty of cheers from supporters and some of the congregation in the hall.

The party candidates were parading around the hall proudly displaying their bright red rosettes.