A MOTHER and son duo have retained their places on Basildon Council despite Imelda Clancy’s decision to switch wards.

Ms Clancy, who previously stood as an independent councillor for the Pitsea North West ward, will now work on the Langdon Hills ward after picking up 1,349 votes.

Kerry Smith, Ms Clancy’s son, also retained his Nethermayne seat.

And Mr Smith was delighted to see local election day go to plan for the family, while also suggesting his win was a ‘Brexit-style result’.

He said: “I’m absolutely pleased to see my mum win the vote for Langdon Hills.

“It’s good to see people standing together.

“I would say the result in Nevermayne was a Brexit-style result.

“The vote was against the council’s silly policy of travellers on golf courses.”

Concerns had previously been raised that Basildon’s local plan included proposals for a traveller pitch near to the edge of Basildon Golf Course.

Mr Smith, alongside the Friends of Basildon Golf Course, called a public meeting which was attended by 500 residents opposing the move.

Ultimately, any plans for traveller pitches near the golf course were removed from the council’s local plan.

And Mr Smith, an independent councillor, confirmed that he will continue to fight in his constituents’ best interests.

He added: “I’m absolutely pleased that the people of Nethermayne have stood up for themselves by re-electing me to fight their corner and make sure no-one ever tries to do something stupid again, such as placing 12 transient traveller pitches south of my constituency.

“What we saw was the residents of the Nethermayne ward getting behind me as their councillor to fight for their interests.

“I will continue to do what I always do, which is all year round action, responding and fighting for my constituents.”

Mr Smith claimed 2,542 votes to keep hold of his seat.