TEENAGERS diced with death by grabbing onto the back of a bus and riding it along a busy road.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon and it was captured on a driver’s dash cam as the teens hitched a ride up Crown Hill in Rayleigh.

The witness said: “The whole way up the road, they were jumping on the back of the bus and trying to climb on the roof while it was in traffic.

“I could see the funny side of it, but being in the car behind it was dangerous and the parents would be soon complaining if they did get hurt.”

Bus company Arriva confirmed it is investigating the incident after it was brought to its attention when it was posted on social media. This kind of stunt has been labelled “bus surfing”.

Gavin Hunter, interim area managing director for Arriva Herts & Essex, said: “We can confirm on Wednesday afternoon two youngsters were jumping on the back of an Arriva bus on Crown Hill, attempting to climb on the roof while the vehicle was in traffic.

“The safety of our passengers and staff, as well as other road users, is our highest priority and as such we are in the process of investigating what happened.”

Rayleigh councillor Jamie Burton said he hopes it is a one off and that parents and schools should address how dangerous this is with their children.

He added: “As a father-of-two, I would hate to think of my children doing this. I would hope the parents of these teenagers would be giving them a stern talking to. It seems like just thrill seeking and I would like to give most teens the benefit of the doubt that they would not try something this stupid.

“Stupidity aside, I’m sure everyone is relieved that neither them or anyone else was hurt by the stunt.”