AN ELDERLY lady has been told by Castle Point Council a park footpath has a “slight defect but is not a trip hazard” after she tripped and badly hurt herself.

The lady was out walking her dog when she tripped and fell on the path in Kismet Park in Gainsborough Avenue, Canvey.

Alan Acott, councillor for Canvey East, visited the lady after she was injured and saw the damage the fall had done to her.

He said: “Carole Sach and I visited her on Saturday and saw that her face was black and blue from the bruising.

“She also bruised her hands, knees and her glasses were smashed.”


The lady is a widow and spends her mornings walking with her dog.

After she had the fall, she was badly shaken up and taken to Southend Hospital to be treated.

The councillors visited again later in the week and found she had been told the footpath suffered a “slight defect but is not a trip hazard”.

Mr Acott said: “The lady was told by the council it would look into the path, but they came back to her and said there was not an issue.”

Mr Acott and Mrs Sach were not convinced by the council’s response and sought an explanation themselves.

Previous issues have also arisen around the park.

Mr Acott said: “I do not believe there has been any work done on the footpath except for the work we as councillors have brought before the council.

“There was a need for new bollards to be put in many years ago in order to stop travellers getting onto the park.

“I also helped to get the disabled access into the park as there was no entry for disabled people.”

The councillors campaigned for around two years to gain the council’s backing to install the new bollards at the entrances of the park.

“Looking at the paths in Kismet Park in general however, they are all breaking up and sinking, but I’m unaware of any work being done there currently.

“There needs to be a lot of work done in that area, but the area certainly needs to be looked at soon.

“I would not say it is a grave danger but there is need for work on the paths throughout that park.”

The Echo contacted Castle Point Council for comment, however, they were unable to reply before the paper went to print.